How Do I Make A Community Post On YouTube?

by Ava Sophia
How Do I Make A Community Post On YouTube

What are community posts?

Community Post On YouTube is a special type of blog post. They’re designed specifically for Facebook groups, but they can also be used on other social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter. In a nutshell, community posts are meant to inform, educate and build relationships with your audience on a deeper level. You don’t write about products or services. You write about ideas and concepts that are important to your audience. For example, if your Facebook group is a community of photographers, a great community post might be a guest article explaining how to get started with using a digital camera.

What are community posts

How do I make a community post on youtube?

“How do I make a community post on youtube?” If you’re thinking about starting a YouTube channel you might be wondering how to make a Community Post On YouTube. This question comes up for anyone starting a YouTube channel, whether it’s because you’re looking for some extra motivation to get started, or you want some extra feedback from your fellow YouTube creators. So let me break it down for you step by step on how to make a Community Post On YouTube.

The good news is it’s not as hard as it may sound. And after you finish this tutorial, you’ll be able to make one in minutes. As community managers of a YouTube channel, we need to make posts that can help our members interact with each other. But some of us don’t have a strong command of English, others don’t have much confidence, and many people are busy with other things. This means that it’s almost impossible for us to make a post for our channel on our own.

How do I make a community post on youtube

Is it possible to make community posts on mobile?

A Community Post On YouTube is a special type of post that is intended to reach a specific group of people. In most cases, these posts are about a common topic with a specific purpose in mind—for example, a post about “how to make community posts on mobile” may include tips on how to edit photos, write captions, and create engaging calls to action. The goal of these posts is to communicate with one or a handful of communities.

This kind of post isn’t limited to only a small number of topics—it could also cover how to make community posts about a single topic but in a highly targeted way. Community Post On YouTube can be posted on mobile, so it’s possible to share them with readers via the mobile feed or with them directly through email and other social media apps. Mobile posting may seem like a small change, but it’s a critical one. By publishing on mobile, you can better engage audiences across devices and platforms. Here’s how you can do it right.

Is it possible to make community posts on mobile

YouTube community manager basics:

To get attention on Community Post On YouTube, you have to offer value to your audience. They’re looking for entertaining videos, and a poorly written title will turn them away. This is where community managers come in because they have the power to change this for your video. Use these basic guidelines to make the most of your Community Post On YouTube. The most important part of a Community Post On YouTube is usually the opening.

Your hook should tell the viewer why you’re sharing your video, and what he’s going to learn by watching. When it comes to growing a Community Post On YouTube, you’ll have to understand one thing: the video platform is like no other. The way YouTube communicates with its users can sometimes be very confusing, which means a lot of your work involves being a translator.

YouTube community manager basics

Tips for posting videos to YouTube:

If you’ve ever uploaded videos to YouTube and hoped that viewers would engage with your content, chances are good that the videos you posted were poorly optimized. That is, the thumbnail you used didn’t reflect the content of your video, so viewers weren’t drawn to watch your video. And it was even more common to have videos where people didn’t know what to say or do next when the video ended.

Now, what’s the difference between a YouTube user watching a good one and one that’s bad? It’s all about how you make your videos look in their thumbnail. When you Community Post On YouTube, you want to hook your audience quickly with a good headline that explains what the video is about, and encourages viewers to click through and watch the rest of the video. The title of your video should give the viewer some clue as to what’s inside. It can be descriptive of the content, but it can’t be so vague that the viewer won’t know what the video is about.

Remember, YouTube viewers can be quite picky about what they’ll watch. They won’t waste time watching a video that they have no idea what it’s about. Once you’ve chosen a great title for your video, add a subtitle to your video and write a description for your video, which will appear under the title and below the video player. This helps viewers know what to expect if they decide to watch the video. Be sure to mention the video’s length and format, such as 1080p or 4K.

Tips for posting videos to YouTube

Making and keeping a community active:

If you were to tell someone you were on vacation and wanted to know about their experiences you’d probably get lots of information. In fact, we could ask anyone we wanted and we’d probably get tons of information about their lives. We’d get some details, some stories, and some insight. So why don’t we go to the same place and get information from our audience? Why not create a Facebook group and ask what their experience with their product(s) or service(s) is? That’s where the YouTube community comes in.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, the term “YouTube community” is a group of people who discuss their videos and videos of others on the site. In other words, it’s a place where people discuss a topic and share links to relevant information. Making and Keeping a YouTube Community Active. In this series of posts, we will walk through a proven method to build and grow a Community Post On YouTube.

Making and keeping a community active

Make sure your video is useful:

As a community manager, I need to make sure that my communities are a great experience for my community members. The good news is that I have a lot of control over what happens inside my communities. I can even change the default post type, the default image, and the default avatar. These are all things that give me great control over my community’s member experience.

I can do more, however. I can also allow my members to talk about anything in their posts. This feature gives me a huge advantage when I am looking for a way to motivate my members to make their lives a little better. In this article, I’m going to share with you some ways to encourage your community members to keep their communities active, interesting, and helpful.

Make sure your video is useful

Publish video content:

“Video content can be compelling, effective, and powerful, but only if the right videos are used.” It’s true—whether you’re creating a blog post or a landing page, one of the best ways to engage your visitors is by using video. But not every video can be effective—so how can you make sure yours stands out? First off, it helps to get the basics right. You need a strong headline. And a good, engaging hook is critical. So go through the following list of top video-related terms and concepts and make sure you know what they mean.

Publish video content

Choose a relevant title, description, and tags for Community Post On YouTube:

In order to successfully choose a title, description, and tags, you need to understand what makes them effective. You can only pick the right ones for your content if you know how search engines interpret them. You’ve written the content and optimized the images and videos. Now you just need to figure out which keywords are going to attract the most traffic.

“A great title and description help get more of your content indexed by search engines.” To learn how to choose the right keywords to attract your target audience, read our guide. Also, make sure your page is linked to relevant pages on your site. If you need help choosing the right keywords, our keyword research tool will help.


In conclusion, it is important to have an active presence on social media in order to build brand awareness and create relationships with your audience. This is why, when it comes to starting a community on YouTube, you need to understand what motivates the members and what type of content would interest them.


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